Scale customer relationships in Slack. Built for sales and success

Cut down sales cycles by 20% and increase retention by scalably providing a high touch experience in Slack

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B2B customers love Slack, but Slack isn't a help desk or CRM. We make it easy to manage customers in Slack without changing your workflow

Turn Slack into a customer inbox

No more wading through Slack channels and dropping action items. Create a task, snooze a message and acknowledge every customer message that comes in - all in Slack

Or forget Slack and manage customers from Zendesk, Help Scout and Jira

Your customers stay in Slack. Your team stays in their existing tools. We make them work seamlessly together

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Analytics on customer channels

Track first response time, task resolution time and message volume for each customer so you can improve your process

Automatically create shared channels and invite customers

Tired of creating shared Slack channels and repeatedly pinging customers to join? We'll automate that


Organize customer messages into actionable tasks

Convert disparate conversations into actionable tasks. Create a task in 2 clicks with a special emoji or simply type /across

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Integrations and APIs

Deep integrations with popular help desk and project management tools. We also have an API that you can plugin with Zapier or your own internal tools

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Connect with your customers on Slack without dropping the ball

Why use Slack shared channels with customers?

Establish instant communication with your customers. Run a successful deployment as a sales engineer or build a relationship as a customer success manager. You can even charge for it! See why companies love shared Slack channels.

Slack is great for your customers. We make it better for you

Trusted by customer centric companies

David Phillips

"Across gives me peace of mind when it comes to high touch customer communication and helps us make sure no request falls through the cracks. We love it!"

David Phillips — CEO at Fondo


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